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jb_sg_dojo_v5-6 request

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After seeing
post I was waiting for someone to make a map request, but no one ever did. So here it is <: .


Dojo is an overall a fun map, has lots of death games and minigames to use, and I think the map is a perfect sized map for our servers. Once the hentai room is removed I think it would be a great and popular map on our servers.

Screenshots attached


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Speaking of hentai rooms, ba_jail_canyondam_csgo_v7-2, there is one on this map. I’ve also mentioned the one in Dojo if it was ever added back to fantastic but I don’t think he ever told anyone.


Yeah that's the whole point of this thread. Dojo was removed because of the hentai room, and people wanted it added back under the circumstance that it was removed. That's what @Noxstar 's post is about.


If there's really a big problem with canyondam's hentai room make a map fix request or PM one of the AT's about it, but the map barely gets played so I wouldn't see it as a priority.

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Just to be clear - dojo wasn't removed because of the hentai room, it was removed because of low playtime / general agreement that it didn't do well on the server. We can try it again but I can't imagine there'd be an insanely different outcome.

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