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Next Community Meeting pt 2.

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Hello, this was "Answered" almost a month ago but since then nothing has ever come up. Either way, if you guys are just lacking some talking points, you should look into just making a google survey for people to fill out and give their points and maybe you can discuss the most frequently asked questions in the meeting.

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Brought up a few times after, they still are still trying to find a date that is suitable for everyone


Good to hear. Even if there isn't a major talking point for the meeting to revolve around, it would be great for the President/BD team to address the community and give an overall update of what's going on and what to look towards. Would be great IMO if they could give a realistic release date for the new forums, give us things to look forward to in terms of large events, potential partnerships if there are any, and maybe a brief open floor where people are free to ask questions they have to speak on things they think could be improved upon so they can get their voice out there if they don't frequent the forums and view this as their opportunity to speak and make their voice heard.


Having all those things happen is perhaps a little unrealistic, but it can't hurt to think idealistically.

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The Board is pretty busy with what's currently on our plate. We're currently trying to have a meeting among ourselves to get things sorted out. Normally that's pretty difficult to do given we all have real life responsibilities to tend to, but with this virus stranding everyone at home it should be easier to get everyone together. (besides Caution because he still has to play around with airplanes) Once we settle things, we're definitely going to try to shoot for a community meeting very soon, it's been something we've wanted to do for a bit here.


As far as talking points go, there's definitely plenty, given it's been some time since our last community meeting. Unfortunately some projects aren't developed enough to be talked about just yet. In addition to whatever the Board comes up with to speak about, I'm sure the community is going to have loads of questions during an open floor anyway. In any case, it is definitely a good idea for the Board to meet up with the community.


Thank you all for your patience, definitely something we're looking to do.

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