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Question of the day 3/23/20

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Don't worry, these didn't get abandoned. I just have a very, very bad time with making questions.



So in honor of National Puppy Day, which is today, I wanna ask:



What type/breed of puppy would you adopt if you ever wanted one? If you have a dog already, what's the most vibrant memory that comes to mind when you think about them?

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Alaskan Malamute is my dream dog, but my 1st dog was a fat golden lab named Nickel. Nickel has given me more happy memories than people. Hes been gone for a few years now but he was the best pupper there ever was.

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I already have my dream dog which is my Red Nose PitBull, I don’t know why but so many people fear pit bulls and it’s really dumb in my opinion. She’s the friendliest most cutest dog ever and loves people all together. My best memory with her is when we first got her and she was a puppy, running around in the back yard with be and my brother when we were young. Very nice and warm memory every time I think about it, wouldn’t give her up for anything.

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