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Trolling on JB (possible improvements to !calladmin command)

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Hi everyone! I'm playing JB right now and writing this post while dead :)


Right now, there are two people on CT side who are trolling by not giving warning shots sometimes and conflicting everyones orders. THey are also talking over everyone and insulting people who say that they are trolling. They are making the server unfun to play on and have caused many people to leave.


I'm confused at what to do about this. I feel like I should use the !calladmin command, but none of the categories fit what they are doing. They aren't freekilling outright. The closest thing to what they are doing it micspam or disrespect.


I'm posting this because I feel like the !calladmin command should have a "trolling" option added. I feel like this would solve many issues currently on the server.


For any admin coming on, the players doing this are arnoldshwartniger (1:1:118844091) and tweedle (1:1:127945635).



edit: i don't want to report them using the !calladmin command because i fear that i will get punished for abuse of the command. if i should use the command in the future for situations like this please let me know :)


Thank you for reading this post, hopefully something will come out of this and improve the server :)

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Hey Miner trolling always will occur on JB or any server no matter what. People will always be toxic and troll it’s just how it is. If it is excessive you can make a player complaint using video and screen shot evidence. If you want their exact name and SteamID type status in console. Most developer consoles can be enabled by pressing ~ on your keyboard. If you haven’t already go into CS:GO settings developer enable console by changing the “No” signa to “Yes.” You could do !Calladmin in chat and type a reason as to what the player is doing. You can also message an admin by typing in your team chat by hitting U on your keyboard then typing the message you want to send. Lastly, just tell an admin and friend them for future use.

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If you have evidence you can submit a player complaint here. As far as adding "Trolling" as a reason you can already click "Own Reason" on the last page and type out your reason in chat.


Do what this man said if theirs any other problems. :d

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As other people have said, if you have enough evidence, then make a player complaint. However, if you don't, I suggest saving the clips and steam id's, and continuing to gather evidence until you have enough. Also, letting other people know about these trolls helps, because they can supply evidence if you are not on.

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