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An idea I brought up in the JB community meeting, figured it should be talked about more in a thread. CT's clearly are at a disadvantage with the amount of ways for T's to rebel. Buffing the health of CT's to 110 didn't work in the past and I doubt it would work nowadays. Adding a menu for CT's to buy things similar to the detective menu in TTT I think would help give CT's a much needed boost to win more efficiently. CT's could be given a credit every 3 rounds or so. Some ideas for things to buy could be health shots, more armor (150 or 125), Awps, Auto Snipers, maybe have some 2 credit costing options such as a one use Teleport or are a one hit golden deagle. The things I listed to buy don't have to be concrete, I know a one hit gun could be overpowered, just an idea.


I think adding something like this would help CT's enforce. People would want to play CT more because they aren't just going to get trashed on by JB nerds who know every secret of every Razor map.


Countless games of 4 CT's struggling against 19 T's on Razor. Having this menu would give incentive for people to switch CT because they could buy things to help curve the ratio imbalance. I understand there are times where there are too many CT's but a few times this week I would join and the ratio is completely against the CT's. Again, I see this being a good small boost for the CT's that is needed.

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I'm personally a big fan of this idea. New items could spice up gameplay, adding new ways to play and giving CTs a little buff. I don't think that a golden gun fits into our server, unless it was reserved solely for last CT. I do think, however, that med-shots and a radar would be a good start to give CTs a good buff and help them enforce more effectively. I personally don't think teleporters should be implemented as they may actually encourage CTs to bail on their team instead of enforcing in sticky situations, combined with the fact that most maps already features certain teleporter secrets or regular teleports.


I'd like to hear if anyone else has ideas for items that would be useful for CTs to enforce. This is something I can really see in Jailbreak's future if we can get some of the right ideas down. I worry that these buffs may skew the server to be a bit too CT sided at max ratio, but the ratio plugin can always be adjusted accordingly.

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When I heard Atrix, I mean Disparity bring up this idea, I thought it was something different than most of the ideas brought up in the meeting. We all know there are many times where CTs are outnumbered and/or maps that are very T-sided (or at least super strong for T's). We need to buff the CT's and I think this could be the exact thing we need. Like Gentoo previously stated, it will definitively spice up gameplay. What's really nice about this is that those who come from TTT or go to TTT from JB will already be familiar with this plugin and shouldn't be an issue with using. I'm not worried about what's inside for now, but I'm sure we can come up with some nice ideas to put in.


To through out some ideas on my head on what could possibly go inside could be things such as Radar, a healthshot (one time purchase like TTT) or health station that only CT's can use, Refill ammo (one time purchase?), temporary movement speed boost (to run ahead of prisoners, run quickly to medic, etc).

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One problem that I can easily see with an introduction of this plugin would be an increased amount of forced "wardays". On spyvspy maps, one thing I see a little bit more often are points where CTs tell Ts to have a freeday, then camp in deathcrate secret, spraying to those underneath. If a plugin like this is introduced, some CTs will view this plugin as an advantage, and try to encourage fake wardays to try to win a round. I am 100% for this idea, just a point to keep in mind as you introduce this.

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This could be a very cool idea that gets implemented. If the CTs had a buy menu unavailable to the Ts, with items only for the CTs, if could make rebelling harder for the Ts, and make Jailbreak itself more fun. Some ideas that I might have to add is to buy a full restocking of ammo, healthshots, maybe shields, healing stations, and other items.

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I think this is a great idea to help balance rounds out especially on maps like razor. I also see the ratio being messed up quite often heavily in favour of Ts so maybe this will encourage people to play CT more often. Here’s a few items i think should be added:



I believe the healthshot is a better alternative to the health station for a couple reasons. There is already at least 1 medic on every map, a health station would make a temporary 2nd medic for CTs (or Ts i guess) and could lead to more camping. A healthshot on the other hand is a one time use item so it would provide for a quick health boost to get right back into the situation.



I think we can all agree that replenishing armor would be a huge help for CTs. I dont see a reason why this shouldnt be an option in a potential CT menu.



In my opinion radar would be a good addition to help end rounds sooner. It would help CTs locate the last few Ts if they are rebelling especially if theres only 1 CT left. It would also help stop Ts from camping on soccer catwalk for 2 minutes as the last CT runs around the map trying to find them. There should be some sort of cooldown to prevent it from being abused to find rebelers every single round.


Some other ideas/suggestions:


Ammo refill

I dont see this as something thats necessary as i dont think many CTs run out of ammo but it could be considered if people think it would be helpful.


Speed boost

Definitely an interesting idea from SwaG^. While it could be helpful i see this being used to just run fast instead of in helpful situations. similar to how a lot of CTs go for the former nyan cat secret on moonjail instead of helping their teammates.



Correct me if im wrong but i think shields were added to dangerzone unless im tripping and thinking of a warowl video. This is an interesting idea that could be quite helpful to CTs by providing them cover while out in the open. Shields would be a set amount of credits and last until they are destroyed or if the CT with it dies during the round. The biggest question here for me is if this is even possible and how much it would impact the game.



I’m not sure how a credit system for a buy menu would be implemented, obviously it cant be done by kills like on TTT. Getting a credit every x amount of rounds is a start but not the best way of doing it imo. maybe getting a credit for winning an LR could be one of the ways? If anyone has any thoughts on the items or how to earn credits definitely add on to this as there is a lot to discuss with an idea like this.

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