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So idrk y I thought abt this but I did, and so what’s rlly the point of Senior Administrator? Like I get that it used to be a stepping stone to getting ca but now regular admins can apply for ca and rlly the only differences between the rank are very significant. Such as a few more commands and an italicized name on the forums. Like now there rlly imo just isn’t a need for the two administrator ranks, like couldn’t they just be combined to become Administrators on the new forums?


Thanks this has been my 2 am thought

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Differentiating those who are new to admin and those who are not new to admin.


Admins are new to being admins so they have less commands than senior administrator. Admins become Senior Admins after 3 months of being approved for Admin. At that point, they are expected to be more knowledgeable.

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I've never been an admin, so don't look for a solid answer in my post, but these are my 2 cents. I assume the A (Administrator) rank is used to recognize new admins who are still learning the ropes of their role and commands, while SA (Senior Administrator) is used to recognize solid admins.

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Based on my knowledge, and acquaintance with both Administrators and Senior Administrators, here's what I can tell you:


A's are people who have been admin for roughly less than 3 months (give or take, people can be promoted to SA before 3 months). These are people with only the basic administrator powers: All Chat, Slaying, Moving Teams, Muting, Silencing, Gagging, etc.


SA's are people who have basically "proven their worth", and are longstanding administrators. Along with the basic powers, they also have access to the fun commands like freeze, slap, and other fun commands.

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wtf i thought it was 6 months
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Think of A as a trial or a test to see if people are responsible and not retarded when it comes to moderating the servers. SA basically shows the higher ups they can be trusted with a few more commands.

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