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Dates/Times in the Events section

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In the events section I noticed that you are not able to tell when a specific event is without clicking into its thread. To possibly make the events section easier to read/understand, I was thinking that the date/time of the event should be listed in the title of the thread. This way the user can quickly identify which events are coming up and can then click into the thread to get additional details.

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The current version of the forums does have a calendar that can be accessed from the list of places to visit on the top of the screen and on the day of the event, the event is extremely advertised and presented on the bottom of the forums page.


I do agree that sometimes it's hard to keep track of events, and a while back I suggested implementing a board on the front of the forums page, but it was instead thought to possibly add that on the "Home" tab of the forums. Regardless, as far as I know as a player, don't expect anything implemented forum-related until the new forums come out.


P.S: The Events team also has a steam group you can join to get updated on events while you're mid-game.

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As trazz and scrolls mentioned, it would be easier to click the thread and find the dates there. we make sure most if not all events have “When” and “Where” in big bold letters so you can quickly find that info and dont have to read the additional information paragraph that comes along with event posts.


As for the calendar, we are trying to use that more often since not many people know about it. From what i heard at the community meeting, there wont be any major changes made to the forums because the new forums are coming soon so hopefully the calendar there is more noticeable so that everyone can stay up to date with events. We also have a steam group that notifies you of events which zzl kindly linked above.

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