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Town of Salem Event!

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It's time for some Town of Salem!


What is Town of Salem?


Town of Salem is an online multiplayer role-playing strategy game placed during the witch trials of Salem. Each player is given a role with their own specific abilities. Each role falls under one of three groups: Town, Mafia, and Neutral. The goal of the Town is to identify and lynch any evildoer. The goal of the Mafia is to work together and murder all roles that oppose them. All Neutral roles are assigned their own individual goals for the round. The game can be found on their website, on Steam, or on the iOS or Google Play Store.




Friday, August 7th @8pm





Steam-Gamers Discord!


Invite link if you're not in in already: https://discord.gg/PUruqdP

thanks to @
ThRza for the banner!

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Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenience, but stuff came up last second and I will be pushing the event back to Monday, August 10th @ 8pm. See you guys there!

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