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[Retakes] Knife and Utility only

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I actually thought of this event before, but it wouldn't work simply because of how the Retakes server is structured. There are only 9 spots, so only 9 people would be able to attend the event at a time, while everyone else would just have to watch which wouldn't be very fun.


Cept said it best - knife fight retakes is fun when it's just a spur of the moment kind of thing, but a larger audience wouldn't work for this type of event.

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This would probably be a great idea for other servers, for instance 5x speed and knifes on TTT, it wouldnt work with retakes. First, its a 4v5, i think you can see whats wrong with that. Another reason is that it would be a 9 player exclusive event, not something you can call an event. 3rd, retake has more of a competitive feel than the other servers. We do crack jokes and have fun but a goofy event like that won’t sit well with retake regulars and newcomers looking for retakes

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As someone who plays retakes a lot personally I really wouldn't be the biggest fan of this I go on retakes to actually play the game not to just knife fight and I can also imagine most of the other retakes regulars probably wouldn't enjoy this much either.


I can see your perspective on this and yeah this event probably wouldn't work for retakes because you guys get on to play retakes not knife fights.

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