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  1. you can boost out of the map here on the 2 ledges of this building, needs 3 people to boost
  2. Lets say an inno watches a T kill another inno. But he walks away and doesn't tell anyone about it. Now lets say a third inno watched the inno walk away from that situation. Obviously, the third inno will kill the inno who ran away from the T killing someone off of association. Cool, T association is KOS and what he did was refrain from giving Traitor information. Now lets say you see someone walking around with an awp and ask him to say who owns that awp. He doesn't say anything and claims to be innocent. You're first instinct is to be suspicious of him because he won't tell you. Now you ask him to drop it and he refuses (lets say all detectives are dead). Well you can't kill him for that and the rules don't classify that as T association. What I'm saying is that refraining from giving information about the T should be KOS, but isn't.
  3. @Noxstarghost ping ghost ping ghost ping ghost ping ghost ping ghost ping ghost ping ghost ping. help
  4. Janet, if you memorize their names, you can find their ID through stats. That would be the last option (i think) Other ways would be to use status in console or opening their steam profile before they leave. Another would be to use shadowplay or some other recording software. Worse case scenario is the mass freekiller leaves and no one gets their name, ID, steam profile, or a clip and if no admin was on. Which I kinda doubt since names arent easy to forget. I dont think a reward system is needed since getting them banned is a good enough reward
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    Where the anime profile pics at
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21718[/ATTACH] Its so tiny, wtf
  7. How to delete message