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  1. Hey bro, sent you a private message to play some stuff since you said you play everything. Found this game "Dead by Daylight" that might be fun for us, hmu sometime!

  2. hey whats up man heard you got a strange jarate and i can't seem to reach you on steam so how bout it

  3. Reid99 even took a few breaks to get a snack @R3TROATTACK
  4. Since Reid99 doesn't have a forum account
  5. I saw a plugin recently for TTT that I think would make everyone's lives better. It was a TTT plugin that when someone RDM's it autoslays. The second time on one map it kicks you and the third time it gives a one day ban. If we could put that in our server I think that would keep from people coming and spraying people down and I bet it makes admins jobs easier too.
  6. Thank you @BlackRain Much appreciated
  7. I am not going to name any names but certain people will keep picking the same gamemode over and over. They choose bhop and keep doing it over and over. Can we make a rule not allowing to pick the same game mode in a row a certain amount of times. I know some maps prevent this with the red X over the gamemode but still some don't. I know I am not the only one that hates to do BHOP for a whole map. If people wanna practice there BHOP can't they just go and play on one of the hundreds of BHOP servers and not ruin MG.
  8. The !sm command isn't on TTT I tried it. Also we could maybe put in like a plugin where you type in !sus insertname here and limit three suspicions. This would make TTT a lot quieter and more enjoyable because instead of listening to 12yr olds mic spam suspect on each other every two seconds they can type it in chat. I know some SA have some keys binded to say in chat " I am with insert name here" and that would be another solution because that also would be in chat. On the other side I know some these kids are young and don't understand. But they get a lot of things disrespectful and very hurtful things said to them(not going to lie I have before and we all know that we have that one person that talks way too much and gets on our nerves). If we put in some sort of solution it would limit the bullying on the younger kids and just make it better for everybody.
  9. Recently in TTT it's seems to be a lot younger community playing. They don't seem to understand that not everyone is "suspicious" and every 2 seconds calls out someone's name and says suspicion on them. Can we put a limit on this? And can have the !sm command added to TTT?
  10. Exactly when someone younger gives an order and I don't understand why people can't just follow the order then just rekt them later once they get to armory.
  11. Ok thanks I was just asking because it happens a LOT
  12. I don't know if it is just me but I have noticed a lot that when one specific CT ,or Guard, gives orders that T ,or Prisoners, tend to disrespect the CT giving orders and it just ends up turning into a fight of insults in chat or voice. Which most of the time means everybody in-game has to listen two or three 10year olds scream insults into there mics. Can we stop this or at least insult each other somewhere else?
  13. Jr_Donkey

    New plugins

    Could we maybe add an plugin that uses !arrest or !handcuff? I just thought it would be an idea
  14. After The meeting can some one make a forum post about what was discussed, decisions, votes, future ideas and plans