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  1. 'Tis truly a shame to have you go. Thank you for all the work you've done over all these years and for sticking by the server for so long, be it through the memes and everything else. Stay safe brother.
  2. Ph3onix

    TF2 Main

    I main the Random Button. I usually play whatever I want at the moment, or let random decide for me and swap around if necessary for the team or random makes a stupid decision and I elect to ignore it. (haha 5th sniper go brrrr) The closest thing I have to an actual main is split between Spy, Medic, Heavy and Engineer as these have the most play time for me, and I do have some slight bias for them when picking a class.
  3. cont. (5 image limit reeee) 3rd Pyramid Later in the stage, in the area where you must defend zombies and destroy an ADS wall that's coming to kill you, right before the Dalamud/True Bahamut bossfight, simply face the zombies and look right and it'll be hugging the far wall. Slightly harder to spot than the other 2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20091[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]20092[/ATTACH] Final Trigger If you've successfully broken all 3 pyramids, at the end of the stage after the lasers look up and a red and black box will appear above you right when the door closes. Shoot it quickly before the nuke goes off to activate Ultimate Stage on the next round. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20093[/ATTACH] Once broken you will hear a distinct sound right before the FF victory fanfare, that means you did it.
  4. Ultimate Stage in Wanderer's Palace is essentially a secret Stage 5 that you only get one chance (but not really) to beat. The reason why it's a "secret" stage is because you cannot access it normally by simply beating Stage 4 ("Savage"). In order to gain access to Stage 5 you need to break 3 "hidden" glass pyramids during the Savage stage to activate the trigger that activates Stage 5; (All of the triggers break in one shot from any weapon.) 1st Pyramid Immediately after the room with the Bird Army Paeon item (Ammo) there is a room with a large pool in the middle, on top of the pillar closest to where you entered from is the first trigger for the stage. (Yes, it is specifically that one, the glass pyramids on top of the other pillars don't break.) [ATTACH=CONFIG]20088[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]20089[/ATTACH] 2nd Pyramid After the 1st Pyramid, in the room where White Mage's Benediction (Heal) is, simply turn right once you enter the room and it'll be right behind where it spawns. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20090[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]20087[/ATTACH]
  5. If anything we're consistent at being inconsistent.
  6. Well this is a pleasant surprise, and here I thought all the recent autism has made the server unable to get anything like this done. Congrats to all the winners!
  7. Followed the link from discord thinking it was an actual request to remove this dead meme. Spy_Jeers02.wav
  8. If there are no mushrooms on that fucking pizza I swear to god inb4 free pizza means we're testing ze_pizzatime_v10
  9. First server to beat Extreme Truth bois les' go.
  10. More updates that I somehow missed while going over the list the first time: ze_moon_base has been beaten to death more than a dying horse in a glue factory, There is no way in hell it's unbeaten. (It's probably also what I misread and thought mist was the one unbeaten) ze_rollermine_factory_2010 is not on rotation, hell I don't think it's even on the admin nomination list and it's been on this list for god knows how long even after I pointed this same thing out a long time ago. I know it's a real classic and a vintage CS:S map but still.
  11. What the actual fuck am I looking at right now.
  12. The list is in need of some updating, ze_mist has been beaten (Screenshot in post above) and ze_trials_v1_4 is written twice for some reason.
  13. P90. It's a very reliable classic and is to this day my go-to gun, it feels better than the Bizon in everything with the exception of reload times (3.3s vs 2.4s) and mag capacity (50 vs 64). And I really like how the Glock handles but occasionally I find myself going back to the USP-S. The M249 is also a real fun gun if you can master it and even has stronger knockback than the Negev. Also the Nova when I want to make zombies suffer, the Sawed-Off when I want to make the zombies suffer and the AWP when I want to make the zombies SUFFER. If you want to get into ZE you should stick with the Bizon as a start and have a bind set up for a Negev (/negev) so you can get it when it's boss fight time and then back to Bizon (/bizon) when the shitlord has been dealt with and it's time to go, or stay with the Negev if you want to be a defender. /kevlar is also a great bind as some bosses deal reduced damage if you have kevlar. All guns can work in ZE (Except for ARs to a certain extent) but it's best if you get comfortable with the two most newbie friendly guns first, learn the gamemode and how it works and flows and then start experimenting with other stuff.