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  1. Stop throwing, as a fellow member of the wizarding world of ZE i can say that this is ???? ?l?å?lý™ not a good representation of our fellow wizards in our quest to beat ze_harry_potsmoker_v2_1_csgo. To anyone who gets the reference i feel sorry for you. Edit: XD
  2. Was getting bored of reading threads 5 years old thx for giving me stuff to read Wait a sec there's barely anything here fml
  3. Wow an actual event unless santa is normal in which case Prob going to attend at least for the first 2 maps anyway
  4. Il settle for any of em cus i haven't watched any
  5. happy womb emergence anniversary

  6. How about good old mic spam and lennys At first i thought that said wanderers v4 lol it v2 gg ez win
  7. It's missing sm_awp but personaly i have "use" bind to my mouse and use e for spray. All of my guns bind to the numbers and nominate on my z key.
  8. Bruh it's tradition WE NEED TO DO l0v0l
  9. Yasss no diddle that map is so cancer at this point
  10. You disgust me

  11. This is already considered against the rules as of last month it's just a matter of admins enforcing this. I don't get why anyone would do this since it's possible to gain points if you do enough damage to offset the cost of losing points. (unless the map is hard or expert then good luck with that)
  12. You guys better beat pizzatime ffs