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  1. moral of the point is don't be a bitch. Rebel at anytime
  2. Just play t frequently and rebel. No one needs the most perfect aim to get points, I have the worst aim and im climbin up on the leaderboards. Another strat i use to get points is if the cts are outnumbering the ts by alot midway through the round, ill just wait until lrs and do something that im more comfortable with like no scope then keep asking to re lr (if i win those lrs i could get a max of 5 points in 1 round depending on whos ct, if i can re lr, and if i actually win the lrs. Way better than rebelling when its 8 cts to 3 ts and being kos)
  3. Roxas

    War Days

    I'd love to have wardays implemented on JB. Easy points
  4. They brought our homie etika in this : (
  5. Ryuga will always be the worlds best legendary blader My favorite anime tho is cowboy bebop
  6. I remember shado suggesting this a while back and I thought it would cool to earn points while being in a gamer relationship. @ShadoTheLunatic , if you ever come back and this is on jb, can we still get married
  7. Roxas

    My first sg friend

    We coming back don’t worry bruh @ape chy
  8. Please make this a real thing.
  9. I Can’t believe after 1 year, 11 months, and 13 days. I finally got a friend request on steam gamers . Yall meet my new friend @benzene
  10. Roxas


    Roblox rust > actual rust
  11. Roxas

    Life rn

    I havent left the house, i wear the same pajamas everyday, my sleep schedule is fricked up, and I have not touched my homework. Hows yalls life going anyways?
  12. Hell yeah, Id do this event. I even have iw4x installed xd