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  1. Time

    submit clips

    where da clips at yall
  2. Ok well it seems to work fine the last time I used it. If you can't enter T-room, you might have to try crouch jumping into the hole. It's one of those harder T-rooms on TTT. If you mean you cant open T-room, then thats a different problem that I dont know about.
  3. Making my beats in chrome music lab at the moment
  4. Easiest event ever. Literally just had to be there and I already won something lol
  5. Time

    Decreased HP Scrim

    So basically Nova is meta? Good shit!
  6. Time

    Call of TTT

    I have no idea what I did but thanks!
  7. Maybe just remove T voice. I mean T chat still works. I've never met a single person who has used T voice as something useful or even at all to say the least