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  1. Time

    Call of TTT

    I have no idea what I did but thanks!
  2. Maybe just remove T voice. I mean T chat still works. I've never met a single person who has used T voice as something useful or even at all to say the least
  3. Currently think that prices could be decreased a tiny bit so innocents have more credits to buy with and get a better chance at winning. But other than that, I think that ammo refills could be a decent idea due to the fact that innocents are spraying everyone to kill the T only to miss their shots. Maybe another idea is being able to buy a gun from the menu but due to this giving a possible advantage, I think making it the most expensive item in the innocent menu would balance that
  4. You expect people to come on an event on MONDAY???? I know theres a Holiday on that day but like damn. A MONDAY???
  5. Won* but thanks. Um I dont think I got a chance tho lol
  6. Time

    MG Admins vs Regs!

    Use your admin powers to win against regs