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  1. @Acerwhat are the maps? and are you doing spin the wheel for the 2 most popular maps that we voted on?
  2. both !!!! rawmendz#0429
  3. @Alex @BoA you both will be capt and please GET ON SG DISCORD so we can do spin the wheel or something of similar, first capt gets to choose if he wants first pick or choose which maps (haven/ascent) since both you guys are playing in both games im sure you guys are high in the rankings as well.
  4. match 2: @5pm est 1.Rawmondz 2.f0x#1871 3.EvaLovia#3531 @slave are you ok playing in match 2 4.Charliere 5. 6.Apośtle#NA1 7.Rhyzhe#SIMP 8.LSK #1867 9.wrap#111 10. @Stewie @Aleks @Mikey. @codez there are 2 spots open for match 2
  5. @WavYhey alex mentioned you for our valorant match are you interested if so post in game name, 2 spots for game 1, and 1 spot for game 2
  6. @wrapthat riot id does not exist. @Casualdone.
  7. @Rhyzhe @Alex @BoA @Hawks @Aleks @Casual @slave @the baconator@f0x.. I have added you all, please check ur friend request and @Charliere what is ur in game name for valorant. Like the comment if you added me back on valorant. match will be 4pm and 5pm est SHARP
  8. put me in scrim 2 as well and btw phoenix is MINE
  9. put me in chef ign Rawmendz#0429
  10. i just realised how hard jb is trying to stall till 2:30 for deathgame why don't we increase the time to 3:30 as an example
  11. Yesterday i got on jb which lead to me making this post, i have tried teaching new ppl how to play ct telling them our unique features of our jb server and giving them a chance to give orders and guess how it ended they die and t's start rebelling 1 after the another. I only hope jb and return back to its prime in my opinion back in summer of 2019. @Vanya @Chad i don't think i will touch jb for another month... here i come ttt
  12. @Amazing instead of critising the points please add ur thoughts that can help the jb server, this argument for a change in jb had been a discussion many times I'm always thinking if i was fantastic(ex manager of jb) atm what would i do? other managers such as trazz would answer these suggestions on why it shouldn't or should be added, there has been many suggestions on the improvement of jb and the drop of player base has been extremely noticeable as i see less and less well known reg leaving the sg jb server and joining others. I do appreciate the addition of !menu being implemented but that doesn't solve all the old jb problems.
  13. admins can see when people buy items in menu during the rounds and the public can see this when round is over in ttt, this would apply for jb as well ,the ct that abuses it will be punished, same with ttt when someone exploits