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  1. Vintage

    jailbreak in 2021

    This CT is going to make a forums account or apply for admin in about 2 weeks and get reapplied.
  2. Shoutbox warrior 😈😈😈😈

    1. Vintage


      idrk who you are nor do I care. stop posting random shit. got it? cool.

  3. shut the fuck up <3 thank you for awards! oh my god im so hyped! dude
  4. I agree with the fact that Detectives are usually die very early due to being very important but I don't think that the addition of credits per tased individual would be a good idea. When someone gets Detective, it's always a gamble on which item in the shop to buy. The addition of the taser would give the Detectives an all too unneeded boost because the taser is already a fairly popular item to get when Detective. Additionally, if this were to happen, the taser would likely have to be more expensive because the credits per tase and it would make being a detective a bit harder because there won't be an option to reveal someone's role.
  5. Very cool event I will show up and attend this on time!
  6. 😳😳😳😳😳

  7. Vintage


    I would like to start out by saying that your suggestion is not all too bad but seems very unnecessary. From my experiences, it isn't all too common that a CT would come on to the servers with the intentions of gun planting as you need 45 minutes of playtime before being able to play as a CT. If gun planting was an issue, you could simply call an admin and an admin would usually show up and punish the rule breaker. The implantation of a plugin that would show the timer and a new rule just to counteract against these kind of gun plantings seems too much for one simple problem. It is honestly up to the kind of CTs that are playing because most are sensible and won't spray down anyone with an AK that was just dropped to them by another T.
  8. Thank you Nate. I will be sure to be there with you hand in hand kissing you!
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  10. When did you step down from Elite Supporter?

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      fuck you !

  12. you've finally mae ur forums account what do u even do for entertainment nowaddays

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