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  1. Random tp is not that bad honestly, at least not as bad as decoy tp. You can literally cheat/exploit the map wo effort throwing them to many out-of-bound locations. It's been done many times by other people and myself for fun and I think it's time to take decoy tp out of the game. I would like to keep random tp as you easily punish people who use the tp carelessly/without thinking and it's pretty fun in general.
  2. ^ On top of that, allow staff members the power to reverse FO(if there aren't any quality orders given/enough time passed without orders or just being obnoxious with FO in general). T ranks based on CT kills would be pretty good to have as well. Random War-day rounds would be pretty good to spice it up the rounds(with enough pop to have it activated). Give t-buddy system to the public(if haven’t already).
  3. In regarding to JB, the server is still dead. It will take time for any changes to occur. In my opinion, I think there will be big changes during the summer opposed to right now. There are too many pull factors currently(final exams, new games, etc) outside the servers that I see very little reason they push out things with (most likely) little return back. I could be very wrong, only time will tell.
  4. about fucking time regs get a word in apps. Reapply leaning to abstain
  5. annddd i got shit to do and cant play wtf man...
  6. For me personally i just got really busy with school and social life so my time on csgo been pretty limited. Also preparing for the mid terms that is soon coming up
  7. 911 operator 911 operator special resources - DLC
  8. It wont work as intended(jf it would work at all). These are persistent pieces of garbage that take a day of their time to screw with a community we're talking about. They will most likely wait that time, buy an account to use, or find some other type of loophole. besides that I don't think it's wise to put up any type of blockade against fresh new players, especially servers struggling with pop.
  9. event was fun thx @Astral
  10. I didnt understood the plot thx for movie