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  1. Thanksgiving Plans/Anything special for the week? Thanksgiving is next week and the holiday break(for me) is near so I think this is a good time to ask. My brother from New Jersey is coming back for the holidays. Nothing special for me but how about you guys? I plan to hangout with my friends back in my hometown and play some horror games with my younger brother.
  2. spring It's not too hot nor too cold. I hate fall with all my heart bc i literally gotten a cold/fever many times over throughout the season. Summer is just way too hot to do much outside(still a decent season). Winter is ok with christmas
  3. For me, it really depends. If the weather outside was 105 degrees or Arctic levels of cold with rain, I would 100% use the stairs. If not, then I'm walking. I still have trauma from having my university dorm elevator down. I live on the 11th floor..and this happened during laundry day(imagine carrying 15-20 lbs of clothes)
  4. Neo Dominic Era The Tyrant is back
  5. I miss how easy school was (mainly elementary school) and having all the time to do whatever i want. Usually spend 5 hrs grinding a game, spend the whole day outside doing whatever, or just sleep how l feel like it. Now that i'm in college there are days I really have to study hard to prepare for exams or projects. I mean I did this during highschool but now i can't really half-ass it without consequences.
  6. welcome back dude
  7. someone correct me if im wrong click your name(top-right) > account settings > steam > sign out of your steam acc(it will unsync the steam acc from forums) then sign back in with your new one
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. So i'm guessing you want seasoned Regulars to bypass SA admin application by straight away becoming a temp/JR SA, correct? it's not a bad idea to have well established regs to contribute to Server discussions(which is alr done by dominic), but what you're describing is a mixture of SR and SA together. You don't need an entire rank for this as SA/CA already have the power to communicate with the respective AO's to help make the gamemode fun and retain player-base. With this amount of tight restrictions to 'SA' (espically with the low server pop), it's more easier to apply for SA and given more power and freedom to help the community.
  10. until
  11. Bump! less than 2 days till the event!
  12. Hey guys, I just want to suggest a few things for JB. I have mentioned some of this at a staff level but I just want to bring some transparency to everyone so all could give input. 1# Revamping CT markers and add FD indicators It would be pretty good to improve the CT markers. Although we have 2 different CT markers to place for T's, that's about it. I would like to have lines markers for CTs as well as various different markers for some situations. Moving on from that, it would be good to have a function to highlight specific t's who have FD's(for example have them highlighted in green and get the SG logo on top) to really differentiate them from the server pop without having to remember on a verbal agreement who not to kill. I put a bigger emphasis on this as when the pop increases and a lot of things happen simultaneously(many things get lost on word). 2# Having Custom Days I liked how EGO had small minigames like hide and seek where ct's stayed in armory and then t's had time to hide in random locations. Ct's would get much extra hp which would hinder t's to engage with ct's. It would be pretty good to spice up rounds by temporarily changing the entire gamemode every now and then. Usually how it works is that it has a prompt of a new set of rules and altered ct’s/t’s in different ways. 3# increasing DG requirement (from 2:30 to [3:00 or 3:30]) Death games have been the bread and butter for JB since it was first introduced. Over the collective 10+ hours I have been on the server this week, there has not been more than 5 Dg’s in total. This is one major big flag that really needs to be fixed. There is also a rampant issue with the # of fd’s given on many maps(excluding certain maps with no DG’s). Although we as admins have the power to technically enforce against the repeat of fd’s, I believe that is a band-aid fix to a much bigger issue. Whenever admins stop repeating fd’s, it sometimes becomes extremely awkward for ct’s to find activities that do not include death games and when they find some activities it becomes stale fairly quickly. 4# Rework on Ctbuy and Tbuy system(by the time i'm writing this it’s prob resolved tho) Small convo i sent: I suggest reworking the ctbuy and tbuy system a bit. I do not like how you get a base amount of 500 credits which feels arbitrary to me. I would like to have both systems to have 0 credits then ct's/t's will gain credits through kills and assists. Maybe 100-150 credits per kill and 50 credits for assists(I view the amount here for t's specifically). That way gives ct's/t's a more incentive to be more assertive with their role and could even help change the tide of the round with the credits they grind. Last note I would want the Ct's to earn less credits in general due to the 1:2 ratio which could give ct's an advantage. Please give some input on some of my suggestions, every comment is much appreciated