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  1. In my experience this isnt really grounds for kosing the t getting a deagle in this situation .
  2. hope this clear things
  3. No that is not allowed as also punishable by admins because its becomes a unreasonable order by WS and deny fellow t's LR General Rules for Guards: Guards CANNOT... Harm Prisoners unless orders are not being fulfilled or they are rebelling. Obstruct a Prisoners ability to follow the orders. Bait, subject to admin discretion. If a Prisoner damages the Guard they are still KOS. Gunplant. Enforce or create their own KOS rules. This means Guards cannot bypass warning shots for situations that call for them, despite saying otherwise. Repeat the same order often. Use gun name tags as evidence, however they can use the kill feed. Order Prisoners to have a warday, to AFK freeze, or declare themselves as warden. Abuse Special Orders or give them in text chat; Special orders must be given in voice chat and can be overridden without counting as a conflicting order. Use the First Order (!fo) to speak about other topics (Orders only) Give Chat Orders during the First Order (!fo) Order Prisoners to crouch walk. They also cannot keep the Prisoners frozen for an extended period of time. Read the FAQ Post below for more information. this is within the rules you cannot do as CT
  4. it was [REDACTED] during Sg times
  5. TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  6. phew my slip is done accept it now