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  1. Ayoo @Black Rain chill.....oh no what have i done
  2. The pinging is not random its all the admins/staff who i know that i would shit on zero to low diff with prep time espically @R3Flex, @3ni, @Reid99, @Gator(surpreme fodder bd)@Blossom, @Mace, @20 scrolls, @TheZZL, @Black Rain(fodder bd), @John(mega fodder bd), @Spy., @.touchy, @Nate., and good ole @BoM(biggy fodder bd)
  3. i actually met a good 80% of ppl who i pinged, im good for now because im contributing to the server by hyping all these admins to join the event also preparing to dome you and the rest of these admins so its a win-win.
  4. @Dom, @TheZZL, @Black Rain, @Amazing, @BoM, @Gator, @Caution, @ThatTamer, @BloodBlades, @fantastic, @John, @Mark Rober, @20 scrolls, @Arctic, @Mace, @gween, @Toasty, @kuri, @Blossom, @3ni, @Nate., @Byte, @paggos, @rygor, @.touchy, @Spy., @R3Flex, @Fl1ck, @Zero Two, @jin, @ImHunterIRL, @Easterpink, @f0x, @esports-speshulist, @Error., @angelo, @Jmc, @the baconator, @Shawty, @Rob., @Big Cage, @bat, @Reid99, @Snatch_Tee, @lyn, @Tang all trash BD's/Pres + vice and stinky admins/staff give up to us Regulars or die. The CHOICE is yours!! Ps: if you got pinned by me it means youre shit at the game edit: all the ppl i pinged is not random they are the ppl that i know good and well that i would shit on solo with zero to low diff espically @Nate., @R3Flex, @Reid99, @TheZZL, @3ni, @Blossom, @20 scrolls
  5. @BloodBlades yo is the winning prize pool free crack and title "[AdminShitter]" for the regs? if so, i will warm up faster than @TheZZLcalled a dumb jew.
  6. Admins here are dog water, any reg solo with neg diff.