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  1. Look i think we got on the wrong foot here. I wanted insight to what you meant so I understand and improve on my suggestions in the future. I understand "proper" can come off of being entitled, pissy, or disregarding your preivous statement and i apologize for the usage of language(especially to a higher-up with more time and recognition here than me). I want help the community out the best of my abilities without giving shitty regurgitated suggestions. Im not trying to put you under the bus or play "oh poor me" type bullshit but both understand our both perspectives to come up with better ideas as the thread suggest.
  2. ban the word "retard" since ****** is now banned i believe this word should be reasonably banned as well. People can use dumbass(no problems much more tame) but retard almost always led to a correlation to toxicity or fights. In short, it's basically "fight words". I see it as a word used call someone slow or mental retardation since it was(still is) used against special needs individuals, while i see calling someone a 'dumbass' someone who made a dumb/stupid action. The word "retard" is alr banned on various website/communites, how about SG as well? Banning the word will hopefully lessen the toxicity on forums and servers If you believe otherwise please explain why.
  3. Who gonna feed @Greggy Gwhen he get hungry?
  4. Calm myself or joke about it if unintentional. Prepare player complaint if intentional(in case). These what i do against fk but mainly dont take the game seriously
  5. I commend you for acknowledging your bad traits(very rare here as some one have to call them out for it). Time and dedication/being loyal to the community rules is really the few things you could do to change your bad traits/behavior. I dont believe you are a “crybaby”; i believe ppl see that you talk too loud or being obnoxious on mic or chat. You typing here for guidance alr shows potential of admin. Grind my dude
  6. Welcome back bud, please do stay out of trouble. :)



  7. Dont think about it too much. The only “rule” i can give is just be chill and not strict on the servers lol this is a gaming community not a job.
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    LR Rules

    Changed my post. Thx for letting me know.
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    LR Rules

    Custom lr’s have to be reasonable for both parties(eg: having custom lr of knife fight in shot4shot knowing full well of the ct would auto swap back to primary.). If the ct dont follow rules, it can result in a slay(although rare). There are some maps dedicated to custom lr’s like tic tac toe. Custom lr is from your choosing just make sure it’s SG appropriate and fair for both sides.