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Minecraft Censorship - #saveminecraft

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If you haven’t already seen the hundreds of videos, tweets or just about everything media related about the #saveminecraft movement, basically in the new 1.19.1 minecraft is added extreme censorship (to the point where you couldn’t even name a tool “Night” because Night 🤦‍♂️) it also added chat reports and permanent multiplayer bans (even single player bans on bedrock!!). Now this is already pretty bad, more like very bad, its not and opt in opt out thing even for servers, its now built into the game! Thing is for such a big company like Microsoft and Mojang you think they would implement it at least well… no it is one of the poorest implementations of chat moderation I’ve ever seen… Just take a look at a few of these videos:

Now obviously this is a beta and things will probably change but the whole idea of it in general is the worst idea ever implemented in minecraft. Its mot mojangs fault either as Microsoft is forcing them to implement it now that they forced everyone to migrate their accounts back to microsoft accounts so they can enforce their tos rules. Its such a garbage shitshow its sad to see minecraft being destroyed in this way.


Now of course java edition will be alright in the end. People have made mods to 100x more let alone a simple chat that is not connected with the reporting feature. Their efforts will literally be in vain as they try to add a moderation feature no one wants into the most modded game in existence. Bedrock addition though is fucked and Microsoft is probably going to squeeze every drop out of those players, RIP. 


Anyway please like and share the videos to help raise awareness and try to get Microsoft to not ruin everything it touches like it usually does :)




Oh and did I ask mention they added a ton of security vulnerabilities and downgrades with this new update :) Thanks Microsoft!

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I liked how Minecraft gave some level of trust to the servers and left the punishment up to the community. I cant really spew so much shit on Mojang and Microsoft since it's their game( we as consumers have the power to simply stop playing the game and ultimately force change), but it's really distasteful how they executed the whole addition. They clearly didn't listen to the obvious dislike of chat moderation from the player-base and didn't see how it would affect a regular MC player on the servers. Another thing that I don't like is how punishment works. I really don't care that the banning is pretty shit( it's still in their starting phases as java and bedrock are not exactly the same), but I do care that the bans affect your realms and single-player experience. Single-player been the bread and butter for the game(a core reason why people even pay for the game, excluding multiplayer), so taking that away just from their interactions on the servers is down-right cruel. Now I do hold some exceptions with these bans being acceptable from extreme situations such as doxxing and predatory behavior but for a common player it does more harm than good. Will you be affected from this? Probably not(unless you are playing pure vanilla) as there are, luckly , many mods out there for servers to combat this change but it's pretty sad it has to come to that.



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