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Return of Big Jailbreak Man

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Sup guys,


I'm gonna make this thread to reintroduce myself to those who don't know me at all so you don't think some random ass dude has been added to the server's management team. Also going to address some things about Jailbreak and discuss some things about the future of it, all from a personal perspective as I'm not speaking for my co-manager or any other Jailbreak staff.


I've been playing SG Jailbreak since September of 2015 and with each stint added up, I've overseen the server's management for probably a few years. I managed the server in its prime alongside @All Tswhen we had the server at around rank #50 on Gametracker. With him and a few others, we transformed the server heavily with some of its longest standing plugins like, for instance, the first order plugin. At that time there was a lot more being done to assure transparency and player satisfaction - public to-do lists, feedback threads, community meetings, etc. - I'd like to see that all return.


Obviously, Jailbreak is not currently in a good spot. I took this role because I don't like seeing Jailbreak given up on so easily. Say what you will about the nature of the population it garners, its always been one of the more consistent and valuable communities within SG. It's been one of the "big 3" at SG for years and as SG currently stands, it probably has the most hope of survival / revival. For those that want to help that happen, any and all help will be very appreciated, but I'm not gonna stand for settling for anything less than bringing the server back to life completely.


The fact of the matter is that there is a still a large population on CS:GO that plays Jailbreak, large enough to warrant trying to bring the server back to life. And the other fact of the matter is that the server hasn't changed much in years, and that's where the problem lies. For instance, the new prisoner buy menu is a great addition to change up gameplay and keep things fresh - I think it needs major work, but it's a start and an example. We have not done everything we can to revive this server.


The reality is that I don't have the time or drive that I used to. Honestly, I offered my help as a manager back in May and I would've hoped to have gotten it around that time so that I'd have a bunch of time to get things rolling, but that's just not how it played out. School starts back up soon and in all honesty, even in my free time, I will not be prioritizing this place. However, I told Caution I'd find the time to fix Jailbreak, and I think for the most part all it really needs is for me to give direction to the people that are passionate about it. If it ends up needing more than that, I'll give it more than that.


I do still have some time before school kicks off, and I sat on the server by myself for like an hour the other day and came up with a very large laundry list of shit that I think needs to happen. The first thing on that list is definitely a Jailbreak staff meeting followed by a Jailbreak community meeting.. I think everyone needs to get on the same page about the direction we're taking the server and I think players need to be given an outlet to speak on it themselves. Assuming that will happen, until we get that planned out I've already began throwing some ideas at the Jailbreak staff for input.


I could continue on with this but I don't want this thread to become more hard to digest than it already is. Thanks to everyone who has managed Jailbreak up to this point and everyone who has been trying to help it. Long story short.. lots of change needs to happen ASAP. If you want to talk about anything regarding Jailbreak (or anything else, I don't really care), best place to reach me is on Discord @ Dominic#4841 - I'm probably not gonna add anyone on Steam.







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JB at the moment is fucking GARBAGE. Hot steaming pile of shit. Main reason probably are the kids coming into the servers being asswipes and annoying intentionally, but there's not much we can do about that. 

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