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[Jailbreak] Have ideas?

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Hey guys,


Do you have ideas you want to put out there for the Jailbreak server? Do you have opinions you'd like to express about the state of the server or what can be done to improve it? If you answered yes to either of these, or if you just want to be more involved in the continued progression of the server, please let us know. @Zero Two and I are looking for some fresh faces to join the staff Discord in order to be added to the Jailbreak server talk channel. 


You can be a regular player on the server with no admin rank, or an old staff member who doesn't play much anymore - if you're interested, send either (or both) of us managers a DM on the forums or on Discord. All the people we add will be handpicked by us and it is not guaranteed that you'll be let in. Do not use this simply as an opportunity to join the staff Discord - you will literally not see a single other channel aside from the Jailbreak one.


Additionally, we will hold you to a certain standard once you've been allowed to join. Our standards won't be super strict and they will vary person to person, but the whole point of adding new people is for more activity. If you don't say a single word in there, you'll probably be dropped. All we ask is for an opinion; a few minutes of your time, whenever we post about an idea we're thinking of implementing.


And, as I said, it's also an opportunity to talk directly to us about ideas or thoughts you have about the server without needing to make some formal post on the forums. So, if you want to help Jailbreak succeed, reach out to us ASAP.



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