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[11/12/22] What is your favorite podcast/episode?

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What is your favorite podcast or podcast episode?



I listen to a few podcasts sometimes when I just need to zone out and do stuff for a bit with background noise.


Mostly though they are just comical podcasts and for entertainment value for example Distractable (which came up recently), the Misfits Podcast, and Triforce.


Just was curious what some of your favorite podcast or podcast episodes are? Tbh mine is probably the Poland story from the Misfits as its an absolute insane story: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0FqoVwr8OOHVRTUkm2Q5mL (it is there second episode ever though so its not the best of quality)


Anyway leave a link with your comment 😄 I'd like to go through and explore some stuff other than braindead comedy.


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