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[12/14/22] Favorite hobby outside of video games?

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Fighting. I was consistently kickboxing for around a year before my gym closed, haven't gotten back to a gym in the last 6 months just because I've been so busy (and admittedly somewhat lazy), but I have tons of boxing equipment at home and really enjoy it. I want to start up jiu-jitsu soon and my end goal is to be doing muay thai kickboxing alongside jiu-jitsu. I've always viewed that as a stellar combination. I don't have some noble ass reason for enjoying fighting like 'my mind finally goes quiet' or 'it's my getaway' lmao I just feel like a badass by getting good at it. I'm an insanely confident guy and have been for years, but felt an insane confidence boost pretty much immediately after starting. Walking around and feeling as if you could curb stomp literally anyone you come across is a great feeling, even when you know in your heart that the person would probably obliterate you. Highly recommend doing some form of martial arts, and would highly recommend you don't think too much about what you choose to do. Just don't do karate lol.


I have considered saying fuck it to kickboxing and jiu-jitsu and just doing Krav Maga though. Anyone with any experience feel free to give your thoughts I would appreciate it.

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I've done/currently done multiple martial arts/fighting sports and let me tell you, they will kick your ass once you do them (started wrestling around the summertime), but nobody will fuck with you because they will gain a massive respect for what you do. Highly recommend you do one of them as it will make you more disciplined as a person. 


I also used to play Soccer but around Covid I just straight up quit since I stopped enjoying the sport as a whole.

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