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So ive really been looking in to S&box its made by the creator of garrys mod Garry and its in source 2 . The game is subpose to be a wide spread sandbox game with the abillity to create so many diffrent games in it . Also with this they wanted to make server hosting way better than how it was in gmod . The reason I wanted to make this thread is to see if there was anyone keeping up with it and to see what you guys think about this concept being introduced .  Also in their most recent hack week they introduced alot of new games mainly Jailbreak .





This is Jailbreak in s&box I know its only a mod and has a lot to be built opon, but what do yall think. Would you play it ?

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5 hours ago, Ero said:

Would you play it ?

I might check it out when it... well if it ever releases fully lmao no idea when that shit comin out.


Pretty interested to seeing what game modes are brought back and improved in some way from Gmod, and if there's gonna be new ones made in this game.

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I showed a few people in discord tonight but just as an FYI it is VERY hard to get into the "alpha" still with like 5 keydrops every 6 hours for >400 people. My understanding is the game won't release for another year from what I've heard through grapevines though I'll say in the last few weeks it's been stable in terms of not crashing like it used to >2 months ago.

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