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  1. Ero

    Ct playtime change

    The 6hr I put was for more so a place holder and not set in stone the objective was to increase the time needed to join ct
  2. Ero

    Ct playtime change

    6 hrs was just a fluid number its just like a statement that it needs to be raised and I think that point stands I would be fine with a playtime of 1 or two but I just want it to be increased because it is needed and I think a lot of jb regs can agree with that .
  3. Ero

    Ct playtime change

    I want to change the minimum number of play time to join ct from 30 to something like 6 hours or so because every time there is a bad or oblivious player fking or just being toxic its usually a ct with private next to their name and they have less than 6hrs on the server. I want to make playing JB more enjoyable to everyone. I know this will reduce how many people play ct. But I want people who understand the rules to be playing ct and I think this is a change that needs to happen to improve the well being of the server . Imagine your a new player and you chose ct not knowing the rules and you only have 30min on the server not saying these guys are trying to be toxic or immature they just might not have read the rules over and just might be oblivious to the "meta" of JB. I understand this might be a drastic change but I think over all the time to play ct needs to be increased just to reduce the drain on the players and admins . Gamer Ero
  4. Ero

    Lets count

    I wanna see how long SG can count so going in order from 1-whatever lets count Im gunna start this on with 1
  5. Ero


    WoW not pog Canada syrup man
  6. Ero


    Ny where its at all ima say
  7. Ero


    When it snows outside and you wake up and ITS A FUCKING SNOW DAY that is the best feeling in the morning prove me wrong .
  8. With crouch walking you can tell the to crouch in a stationary way like all t's 1 step out and crouch but cant make them walk when crouching its for stationary orders idk what no more cell orders is I dont think thats a thing
  9. So I was thinking It would be cool to have a model that has the black spy or maybe the white spy from the spy v spy map that could be bought from the store They could use the base spy from tf2 but add the face that is from spy v spy and make it black or white I think this would be a cool addition to ct's or t's player models
  10. I think this would also be good for people with mics to like Easter said jb can get loud so I do think I would be a good addition