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  1. Ero

    jailbreak in 2021

    bro every other t was going into iso you took so much attention from them soooo - sarcasm
  2. Ero


    In this section is a good example of what happens often . This can create chaos on the servers yet no rules were breaking un less the ct who was killed was bating or deliberately throwing the gun in to "gunplant" the t's . To quote the rules "Gunplanting - When a CT gives a T a gun" and unless this is happening its not gunplant though gunplanting and bating can be related like you bait the t's to gunplant a gun . I hope this cleared it up for you if not just @ me .
  3. Ero

    Question About LRs

    As some others have said It would be unreasonable for the T to be ws because they are actively trying to lr and get the round over
  4. im bout to go crazy
  5. In surf on Surf_water-run_b5 it just leaves you on the ground and you have to !r to respawn.
  6. Get ready boys IM INSAINE
  7. Who wanna be my boo r3flex, dolo, or anyone ??????
  8. Ero

    JB CT Healthboost

    I think the health boost is ok because the ratio is usually cancer and ct are always at a dis advantage and if its the 2 to 1 ratio 2 ts can easily kill the cts nerfing this is not needed
  9. chy u want a room ? omfg thats a lot of rounds .
  10. That would go against rock , paper , and scissors tho edit: this would making winning rock , paper , and scissors not kos
  11. Not including if they die from an outside force aka a rebelling T