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Steam Game Giveaway Raffle (up to $50) ends July 11

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Hi all,

I joined here on June 28, 2009. In honor of that I will be giving away a $50 Steam game to one lucky person. Some rules:

1. Look for a Steam game that costs $49.99 or less. I will pay the taxes if it is $49.99 so don't worry about being slightly over.
2. Games only. No keys/gift cards/dlc/skins/outfits/etc. Just a game and one game only

3. If your game costs less than $50 I will donate the difference to a charity of my choice, though you can have input of what charity you'd prefer. I can also donate the remainder to SG if you'd like.

4. You will be gifted the Steam game from my account to yours. I will not buy anything from any site like G2A, etc. You will link me a steam store page and I will buy said game and gift it to your account
5. You can post in here as much as you want but you only get one entry for posting.
6. No accounts made today or after are allowed to participate.

7. Any member not banned is allowed to participate including admins. That includes accounts with zero posts so long as they are not brand new accounts from today.

I will collect the list of names from the thread and we will throw it into some website that randomly picks one person from said list. I will have someone else livestream on Discord and do the actual roll. I will try to find someone to do the roll but if you are a higher-up I would love a volunteer.

I won't do the drawing until I'm back in the US which should be around July 11th. I will try to get a more concrete date of when the roll will occur and who will do the roll. That will happen publicly on SG's discord.


Thank you and good luck!


edit: I realize now I forgot to cover a couple points


8. The window will close july 11 0:00 central time. Meaning as soon as it turns to July 11, no new contestants

9. I understand the steam summer sale only lasts till July 13, but I will give the person who wins 48 hours to respond via PM, so there is obviously a potential on a redraw you won't get the steam summer sale discount on what you want to get. I apologize for that maybe being the case but... it is what it is. If the next person in line does not respond within 48 hours, we will keep redrawing until we finally get someone.

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