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Hello everyone,


As you've seen by the posts, Revenga and Hawks have recently resigned from their positions. It was a pleasure having them around, and it's a shame to lose them. Luckily, Revenga is sticking around in a higher-up position as TA, and will continue to advise the Board and work alongside us. As for the rest of the Board - Caution, eXtr3m3 and I are here to stay. They're both a little busy for the foreseeable future, as am I unfortunately as college approaches. I still have a good chunk of free time to handle the day to day, but we'd like to bring on some help even assuming we were all completely active. This might be the most amount of Directors we've ever promoted in one swing, but we're totally sold on all of them.


Caido, Karma, and Zero Two will all be joining us on the Board of Directors. All of these dudes have been around for a very long time, and have served for years as staff members. They've all really stepped up to the plate as of late, and we're looking extremely forward to what they bring to the table. With this new generation of Board members, expect rapid change and growth, because their passion runs deep and we're prepared to make some pretty big moves. While we're still looking to the future and hoping for CS2 to release soon, we haven't pumped the brakes and you can expect some promising announcements soon.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for Steam-Gamers, and congratulations to these gentlemen!

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Holy shit just found these forums again I remember steam gamers mini games I was a supporter and everything had the trails. Pauls fire maps the rare times he would come on the server and play on his own map damn good times. Just curious what ever happened to the mini games server stopped playing cs for a long time came back and couldn’t find the server was always curious to what happened to the server and Paul. Nice to see caution is still around 

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