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Announcing a Spring Break Minecraft Pixelmon Server!

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What is Pixelmon? A thrilling mix of Minecraft + Pokémon.

Capture & Train your favorite Pokémon in Minecraft.

Battle & Explore vast new worlds with friends.

Become a Master in this unique Minecraft mod experience.


We will be running the server for about a week so make sure to join while its open!


How to Join


Ready to embark on your Pixelmon journey with us? Follow these simple steps to join the server and dive into the fun:


Step 1: Install Pixelmon (VERSION 1.16.5 9.1.10)

Ensure you have version 1.16.5 of Minecraft installed. Then, download and install the Pixelmon mod from official Pixelmon mod website. Make sure you select the 1.16.5 version.

  • Full installation tutorial available on the wiki (I recommend Curseforge) where a video is also available.


Step 1.5 (Optional)

Install Proximity Chat Mod: Simple Voice Chat (Version 2.4.32)


Step 2: Launch Minecraft

Open Minecraft and switch your profile to the Pixelmon version. Hit 'Play' to launch the game with the mod enabled.


Step 3: Join Our Server

Once in Minecraft:

  • Select 'Multiplayer'
  • Click 'Add Server'
  • In the 'Server Name' field, type: SG Pixelmon
  • In the 'Server Address' field, enter:
  • Hit 'Done', then select our server from the list and click 'Join Server'


Step 4: Dive Into Adventure

Congratulations, you've made it! Explore, catch Pixelmon, and participate in events to make your mark in the Pixelmon world.

  • Use Commands like /claim to claim land and disallow other's from stealing your items!


Useful Commands

/claim - claim your land/items!

/rtp - Teleport somewhere random

/tpa - Request to teleport to another player

/tpaccept, /tpdeny - Accept and Deny tpa requests

/home - Utilize homes


Need Help?

If you encounter any issues joining the server or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure your adventure starts smoothly!


Let's make this spring break unforgettable with epic battles, rare catches, and new friendships! See you in the game!



Thank you Acer for the hard work on the server!!

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  • Content Count:  2172
  • Joined:  06/28/09
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Hey everyone! Acer just let me know that we will be shutting down the server on the 31st. Get in there and play asap before it's over for this run!!!

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