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Steam-Gamers Feb. Movie Night

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Its time to gather around to enjoy some fun filled laughs and enjoyable movies together. Bring snacks, drinks, and a comfy chair to this relaxing event on rabb.it and teamspeak.




Saturday, February 23rd @8PM EST



Teamspeak: ts.steam-gamers.net

Rabb.it: https://www.rabb.it/s/fxs7uh


Movie Suggestion #1

White Chicks (@Black Rain)

Movie Suggestion #2

How to Train your Dragon

Movie Suggestion #3


Movie Suggestion #4

Wright's Trilogy

Movie Suggestion #5

Scooby Doo 2

Movie Suggestion #6


Movie Suggestion #7

Penguins of Madagascar

Movie Suggestion #8

The Incredibles

Movie Suggestion #9

Bad Santa

Movie Suggestion #10

Shrek 4

Movie Suggestion #11

Mission Impossible

Movie Suggestion #12

Rush Hour

Movie Suggestion #13

Star Wars

Feel free to suggest movies for us to watch at the event. We will decide in teamspeak at the event on what we will watch. Please try to keep these movie suggestions appropriate for a Steam-Gamers Event. We will use these suggestions as possible candidates when deciding what to watch.


More than 5 movies can be suggested, however to keep the thread cleaner and more organized, only 5 movie trailers will be put in video form on this thread. The rest will be linked to their respective trailers


*Banner creds to @Clamor*

also yes i know its copypasta

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