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UNO Event Suggestion

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UNO Event Suggestion

What is UNO?

I'm pretty sure that most people know what UNO is, but for the few who don't know, here is a brief explanation. UNO is a game where players start with seven cards, the rest of the cards are placed in a Draw Pile that is going to be face down. You place down cards according to the color of the card (you can change the color with a draw 4, wild card, or if you have the same number of the card that is a different color) until you have no cards left.

How Would It Be Played?

The game wouldn't be played on steam/uplay, because you have to pay for the game, and the max player limit for that version is only up to 4 players. But my suggestion is that it would be played on

unofreak.com which has a 10 player limit, it is free, and is in your browser. You also don't need to add everyone participating in the event before a game starts, because it is a lobby password system just like secret hitler.io

Would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts, suggestions, or criticism on the event suggestion


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