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Town of Salem Event

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Pretty cut and dry explanation here. It is a free web-browser game (also on Steam for $5 and mobile app just came out). It is a remake of the StarCraft 2 Mafia as a standalone game. I know we have quiet a few people that already have the game and would be interested. You need ~15 players for a full lobby, but it can work with slightly less if needed. If worse comes to worse we can get randoms as pick-ups to fill out the rest.


Edit: Apparently it isnt free to play on web anymore. I wasnt aware because I use Steam.

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Not free to play.
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@Cept For Her Hosted it about 4-5 months ago? It was great fun and a lot of people turned out. Would be good to have it happen again. I support this Event Suggestion.


come back blue then fool!


anyways this is a good suggestion, an event like this should be comming up soon.

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Are you able to have private lobbies in the web-based version? Another free alternative is Mindnight which a group of us played on TS yesterday - fun af. Kind of like Avalon/Resistance if you've played that before.


I've been playing Mindnight since it came out. Love this game and I feel like its a lot easier to grasp. It is free on Steam. I second the Mindnight suggestion but Support the TOS event, as well and would participate.

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Big support for this event!! We can also have one for Secret Hitler but that's for another event suggestion. One thing that I thought I should bring up is that the game does have quite a few bugs when it comes to adding people and getting them into a match. Depending on the account's creation time-frame and region (I think), the servers sometimes aren't able to add people together into one game. It might be good if we get everything set up prior to the event time to see if everything works! With that said, alternatives such as Midnight would be easier to set up (and it's newer/prettier) so maybe a poll might also be good.

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Just an FYI, this game is NOT FREE TO PLAY ANYMORE (https://www.blankmediagames.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=92848). I made it clear of that when i hosted the last event. Its a $5 game to play now, however I can promise anyone that it is worth the $5 for an event with friends as fun is had all around, messing about, getting mad at people, and overall having a good time.


As ned said, you can probably expect an event on this coming up soon, as it has been a while

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