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Feedback on 105HP change

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Recently the health of CTs was changed from 110 to 105 due to overwhelming feedback from the community in support of this change. Here is why I disagree.


The primary reason people are complaining about the change is that while 110hp is still 2 left-clicks and 1 right click with a knife, CTs get more health to survive gun shots. HOWEVER, everyone's problem is with the awp not one-shotting. But why is this a problem? The ratio has been more fair than it ever has been, and there is no evidence to suggest CTs are OP. Regardless of the HP changes there is still a huge skew towards the skill of the CT vs. how much health they have. Changing it back to 105 will buff the Ts again, a buff that isn't necessary at this time.


It is rare to implement a change without disapproval from the community. No one likes change, but in the end change often leads to a better experience for the players. While the first few weeks with the change was rocky, nowadays no one really mentions the 110HP as it is not much more difficult to kill Ts. Rebelling is like a snowball; while it is a little more difficult to begin rebelling, by the time the first few CTs die the others die as well regardless of how much health they have.


Please post your thoughts :d.



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These are just arbitrary numbers guys.



Seriously though, from the limited experience I have had with these changes it seems like they've had little to no effect. I agree that multiple awp shots to kill is a little annoying but people would have gotten used to it with enough time. 105 is a pretty happy medium but I can't think of a situation where it really does much good to have 5 extra health.

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The extra HP buff should, in my opinion, should give the CTs an opportunity to survive just ONE extra shot in certain situations. And that's what it was doing: the buff still allowed Ts to kill CTs in most situations with pistol sprays, AWP shots that were close enough or on lit CTs, and scout headshots. Even with the 10 HP buff, Ts were still blowing CTs out of the water in terms of win ratio. I appreciate you guys taking the time to collect feedback, but people were complaining about ONE MISSED KILL, and not looking at the broader scope of how it affects rounds.


It's funny that you guys changed it yesterday, because regulars on the server were actually wondering if it was some April fool's joke, considering the 5 HP buff does next to nothing.


I'd like to take some time to actually analyze how much damage each weapon does on armored opponents to come to a logical buff rather than bringing arbitrary numbers if you guys would be interested.

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Going to clarify a couple points real quick:


If anyone has any intention of taking this buff beyond 110 HP, it isn't happening. I will never support a buff to that scale because it will then begin to hinder the Ts ability to knife the CTs, which should not change.


The buff is in place to help. Does 5 HP help a lot? Maybe, maybe not, but it's literally undeniable that it does help even in the slightest. There were countless times I was left with 1 HP after the 110 HP buff, so in many cases it will save your life. Most of the time, Ts are using glocks or USPs and 5 HP can make a huge difference in those scenarios.


Now with that off the table, I'll tell you why I personally felt the change from 110 to 105 was necessary.


People won't always approve of changes we make. As a manager of anything, you should know that some people will be happy while others may not. It is almost impossible to come to a compromise that everyone will enjoy. There will always be people who hate on any change for no reason or like every change without reason. However, at the end of the day, our goal is to make the server enjoyable for the players. That is the endgame, to make sure everyone is having a good time. We didn't make the change because we were frightened by all the negative feedback. I took my stance against all of the feedback because there was no real substance behind what anyone was saying and I did and still do feel like the logic behind it is good. However, if there's still a strong dislike for a change after we've let it settle in, we're not going to keep it.


It's become a routine to hear "fuck man, 109" or something of the sort when I'm on the server. Will people complain about anything they can? Probably, but this isn't something that we necessarily needed to keep in place. There's no reason to keep it in place and make people rage quit when they hit an AWP shot for 109 when we don't actually need to keep it there. I think it was perfect to balance out those overpowered secrets with AWPs, but we'll just have to take a different route with helping the CTs. Honestly, chances are, we'll probably end up changing how some secrets work like the Razor AWP window. The game is completely unbalanced, if everyone wants to complain about this change, we'll have to do another.


Bit repetitive, but my point is that our overall goal is to please the people and if they aren't pleased even after adapting to the change, it's not worth keeping. I'm not telling you guys it's staying at 105, literally everything on the server is subject to change. But for now that's what we as managers see fit and we're going to let it settle in.

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You can go on YouTube and find videos that show case how much damage each bullet from certain guns will do on armored vs unarmored and where the shot hits. An extra 5 hp does absolutely nothing. If I have an AK or m4 that extra 5hp is down to my own skill saving you or not. The best thing about the 10 hp is that it allowed the CTs to have a chance against an awp unless they were hit in the face.


Ill be the first to admit as awp is my favorite weapon that it was annoying but to be fair without it, I'll be stomping the CTs if I can get my hands on one and maintain distance. The only thing 5hp is going to save you from is a less skilled player who doesn't know how to control recoil. I would personally change it back as and leave it as that as with 110 hp CTs have a chance against a good awper. The one ak bullet it may save you from will have little to no effect on the actual game play in my opinion

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