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Question of the day 4/5/19

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Q: What silly or funny thing are you afraid of?


Oh my god, I have a strong distaste for balloons. Growing up, I would consistently go to kiddie birthday parties. At those parties, a balloon would ALWAYS pop next to my virgin ears. The popping sound to this day gives me a PTSD attack, scaring the fuck out of me. Every time I tell people this hidden fear, people think it's hilarious (Which I get). I now tend to stray away from balloons whenever I'm in the same damn room with those oval looking demons from hell.


Also, I'm deathly afraid of heights but I fly planes.

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PREFACE: It doesn’t really make me scared but it stresses me out like a fuck ton.


Whenever I hear a really loud high pitched noise it stresses me tf out. These include trains stopping (my trip to New York felt like hell sometimes), high pitched voiced people screaming, and bad guitar riffs. I just hear the high pitched noise and I instantly get really anxious and extremely stressed out to the point where if someone were to mess with me while I’m like that I’ll get pissed off and wanna punch them so like yea life is fun when there are high pitched sounds.

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Muppets and claymations, pretty much puppets and those kind of fake shit scares me a lot. I don't know why, when I first saw those type of clay movies, I grew to be more scared of them since they just give you an uncomfortable feeling.

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