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Super Smash Bros: Ultimate Doubles Tournament

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Hello Challengers, it's time for our second SSB tournament! Four opponents will fight to the death, all of you will have three lives and will fight on 2 of the five maps that I have chosen. You have 5 days to sign up, and after those 5 days I will randomly choose the bracket using

Challonge. If both teams win one round out of the 2, I will choose a map and they will continue to fight. Note in case I didn't make it clear, this is a 2v2 tournament.



The winning team will receive the Contest Winner Award:






  • Items are Disabled
  • 3 Stock, 8 mins
  • Hazards off
  • Games after Semi-Finals will be best of 5
  • If a player’s teammate is not present for a game, the match may not continue





Final Destination

Pokemon Stadium 2


Kalos Pokemon League



Sign Ups:

Shoiep and Strayyz

Metal and Charliere

Salmeine and Ray

Post and diryathing

Creten and ThRza

Loki and Frostbitten

Charizard and Cept For Her

Additonal Info:


Creten's Friend Code: SW-5850-4832-9117

ThRza's Friend Code: SW-7652-9705-5111


Creten and I will be running the event, if you have any questions he will answer those. Whoever is available at the time will host your matches.


Thanks @Clamor for the banner

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