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Question of the day 4/23/19

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Q: What is one thing everyone should experience at least once in their life?


The inter-works of a kitchen within a restaurant. People need to know how stressful and busy working in a kitchen is and how much of a pain in the ass it is to deal with impatient hangry people. Either that, or skydiving.

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I think everyone should experience true love for once, most people these days don’t know wtf that is, they think if you get along well with someone you love them, and if you have just one problem then it isn’t love, but having issues and working together to fix them is part of love.





why is everyone making it so sad? Lmao


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I think some people take a lot of things for granted, especially some of the youth (my generation included). I found myself very humbled after I visited Brazil and I mean the shit part of Brazil. After I saw things there and how people lived I really felt grateful for everything I have and I’ll never forget it.

So other people should experience how lesser fortunate people live to be humble and learn not to take things for granted

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