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Hey gamers! We have a website for Steam Gamers, why not a app? Apps are easier to control than a website for mobile or tablet users that come on to the site to do whatever. Whenever a tablet/mobile user comes on the site, they only see 3/4 of the whole page when loaded in. But if an app is made for SG, then the app makers can make it so that you can see everything without having to scroll down to see more information provided. Another reason why a app would be useful is because whenever trying to press the arrow or numbers to switch pages are too small on the website (to tap for mobile users). But in the app it would have a friendly size for the buttons. In the app it should also have a section dedicated to all the admins, staff, etc. The main page of the app should have all social media links or any necessary links featured and of course the about section. The app should obviously be free (that’s a given). If this does get approved and a official SG app will be made then I will post more suggestions for the app or anything needed. But I don’t have anything else to say for this but hope it will happen. Cya gamers!

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