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So boys, this is where we at.

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After lots of thought and discussion with some boys, I have concluded that I'm very lonely and would do anything for the touch of a woman. I am beyond desperate and I can not cure this. Not without the help from Steam-Gamers.net. With this is mind, I am willing to take any advice from the most honored Gamers in this community. Please, this is very important and I can not shake this thought whenever I talk to the opposite sex. It's bothering me. Please. Do it for me. Do it for Daphne.

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I have had many women touch me, so i am speaking from experience here.


First thing you wanna do to get the females to touch you is just to be smooth with the ladies.

is a very good example of being smooth with the ladies. Just imagine this but without the music.


Second thing, wear axe. According to the commercials they bring in the females, it can REALLY help.


Third, I’ve heard there are a few gamer girls on SG, try to impress them on the server, and call them out and tell them to watch you. Impressing them gives you about a 15% boost in getting her to be your gamer girlfriend.


That is the end of my advice.


I tip my fedora to you, my friend. Until next time.

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Just be yourself man. You're a pretty cool guy, you're a swell guy, you're a nice enough guy. You do go a bit coocoo when you get some sugar in you but that is fine. I just be myself and it work for me. Memes help a lot too. Women love memes.

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-Don’t stutter

-Don’t drool

-Be polite

-have manners

-Approach the women in a respectful way

-wespect waman

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Dont listen to these fucking weebs bro. Women dont want to be respected, they want you to show dominance, tell her what you want and half the time the girl is desperate enough to do it. If not then who gives a shit, just go talk to another girl bro. Just learn to not take things personally, don't get heartbroken after a girl rejects and don't get false hope bro. Most of the time the girls aren't even worth being touched by. Show them that you are alpha and that you are too good for them. In all seriousness, don't be a bitch and go talk to fucking chicks, not just one, all of them bro. Trust me that you will hit the right one, one day, or maybe it will just be a one night thing, but thats fine too ;)

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