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Question of the day 5/30/19

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When Was The Last Time You Really Pushed Yourself To Your Physical Limits?

Whether it was a good day at the gym or a hike up a mountain, physical exertion usually comes with an interesting story.


My freshman year of highschool was probably my peak physical performance lol. During my freshman year, I ran a 6 minute and 53 second mile. I remembered pushing my mind and my body to persevere throughout the mile, running my ass down the track field and collapsing on a grass hill due to exhaustion after running the mile. If I decide to run a mile now, I doubt I'll make it under 8 minutes lmao.


Send me question suggestions :)

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the last time i ran the mile in gym i really like wanted to do good ig (see what i could do) and pushed myself to where my side hurt like hell for a good minute and it hurt to inhale and i couldn't stand, legs were all shaky. all the gaming man : (


i still did shitty on the mile but, felt good afterwards tho

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Last year in jiu-jitsu I was sparing agsinst a bigger opponent and I really wanted to beat him I used all my fucking strength when your not supposed to out of frustration that I couldn’t beat him.

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I would say week 9 (Normandie week) of recruit training. We didn't sleep for 4 days, we ate shitty rations, walked with rucksacks on all day and did a lot of punishment PT. To end the week, we had the march and shoot. It rained and snowed all week, most of our equipment was soaked. There we're some fun parts to it, but overall pretty shitty week. There's going to be way harder days during my time in the forces, but for now, that's it.

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Yeah, the Pacer tests in middle school got me good. I was already tired almost halfway through, but I wanted to keep going because I wanted to impress people.



That was the first and last time my vision was all warped and shit lmao

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on good friday week (day of suffering) I had to go to some church retreat and we had punishment PT's, stay awake atleast 18 hours a day for the entire week, eat half decent food (not bad but after a few days it becomes unbearable, and sit to 3 sermons with sore muscles because I'm weak but it was worth it because we all got dessert at the end and got a good night's rest at our house.

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