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Question of the day 6/2/19

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What Trait Do You Like The Most About Yourself?


I love bragging about my fat __:nsfw:__.


Jk, I absolutely love my personality! I went from a damn GED loser throughout highschool to a cute lovable social butterfly:butterfly: in college.

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my tendency to not really care. helps me do things i wouldn't ever do, and explore new opportunitys


of course i have to care about things in certain situations, but for things like fear, etc

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Physically: my legs, they're already feminine and that brings me so much joy.


Other than that my personality, I've been told I have a very motherly personality, and I care for my friends. They say they notice and appreciate my care.

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I'm usually not afraid to voice my opinions about a topic or about someone else regardless of what others may think about me or my thoughts.

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I feel like my best trait is really nothing. However, i have an


I will post an image for proof when i arrive home. Bear with me.

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