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BombParty Event Suggestion

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BombParty Event Suggestion


BombParty is a party game that holds more than 20 people at a time. The game starts with a group of letters that appear on the screen (example: "ES") , and you have to spell a word that has the letters on the screen in it (example: "RESULT"). Each player has to spell the word until the timer runs out, once the time runs out, you lose a life, you get three lives but you start with only two and gain that extra life with the more words you spell. The last one standing wins!



If you have thoughts on the idea please share them :)

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Wait so like how are we gonna play this game? In like the forums or something? But I certainly agree, this sound's really fun and exciting!


We would most likely be in a Teamspeak channel with each other, we’d share the game link with each other, and just play the game on our browsers on the website for the game.


Solid lookin event idea Strayyz!

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