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June MGT - CS:GO Decoy Dodgeball

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Welcome to CSGO Decoy Dodgeball!




For those not familiar with the game mode you are armed with a decoy dodgeball and you will duke it out on maps that have been created specifically for this event! You can play the long game and lob grenades at the enemies or get up close and personal and see who the better dodgeballer is!




Tips n Tricks


  • Run forward as you throw the decoy to increase the speed of the decoy
  • If you're close, try throwing underhand(mouse2) to try and catch your enemy off guard
  • Look for the path your enemy is taking and predict where they are gonna be and line up your throw
  • To be less predictable, mix up your timing and direction of movements








June 7th - June 14th



Huge shout out to @nick and @eXtr3m3 and @Ned for helping me test everything to get setup for this and a yuge shoutout to @Darnias for making a map as well as assisting me whenever I had questions in hammer!

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Know you’ve been excited about this for awhile, glad to see it finally happen. Wish I could be there, have fun everyone!

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