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new GPU <500?

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throwing out that old shitty GPU. Looking for a new GPU that is better than a 960 and is


Would you mind listing a few more of your parts such as your CPU and RAM? That would let me suggest a GPU that would neither bottleneck nor overpower your other parts.

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If all your other parts aren’t that great as well than a 570-580 should do decent but since I don’t know the other list of parts you have, mainly cpu and ram I kinda can’t help you out with suggesting a more fit one for your system

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The AMD RX 5700 XT was recently announced for $479. It will be releasing July 7th and appears to topple the $600 RTX 2070 in terms of sheer performance (no raytracing yet, sorry). I'm copping one for my new build, and as long as you won't be bottlenecking, if recommend it too, as it's looking to be one of the best price to performance GPUs hitting the market.

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