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What do you do to calm yourself?

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What exactly do you do to calm your nerves down?


Such as, Going to an interview.


first day at work.


Got into trouble with the laws.


First date.


Or anything that makes you nervous




What calm me down is smoking and listening to country rock.

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I don't calm them, I just get as anxious as possible so when I collect myself I can think while I'm nervous. More of a struggle harder to make it easier than a method of relieving all of the nerves. It's a really unconventional way of doing things but it works for me.

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I like to isolate myself sometimes from the outside world. Not as in lock the people who talk to me out but I intentionally lose myself in thought and it helps me calm down while I work or am stuck in a different environment. Listening to music that gets me hyped works too.




Also just taking everything with a positive attitude. Doesn't help anyone or yourself if you always show up to work or talk with your friends/loved ones with a grumpy ass frown. It just makes you look ugly as fuck.

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Im always calm ??


But on a serious note I kinda just tackle it head on and not try to avoid it. Because soon you’ll realize that you might have to do this several times and what good will it do to you if you’re always nervous or anxious. For a personal backstory to this I play soccer and we were about to win a tournament that went to penalty kicks, I got nervous and judged my own thinking and instincts which lead us to lose and get second. If something like that continued we’d never be able to win or succeed. So for things like job interviews and such I’d just play it off like you’ve done it before and loosen up.

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