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Nba Team Tier List

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Heres my Tier list




Not biased or anything. S+ is who I think will make it to the finals or conference finals.


use this LINK to make your own

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I feel like this season is gonna be a little bit more even when it comes to the super teams because of the warriors not having KD and the Raptors no longer having Kawhi. There are still super teams but they’re a bit less super. (Except the nets tbh, they’re gonna rape everyone lmao, there’s no way they’re gonna miss the championship this season with such a stacked team).

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Nuggets and warriors to S+. Idk why people are counting the warriors mostly out. They got 4 all stars still lol. Not as good as previous years but definitely contenders.


-raptors, they have no chance next season.


+jazz to A tier, they are much improved.

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One of the two teams in tier S is going to win the finals next year. East has no chance tbh.

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