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Killing someone if they say they want to die.

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On jb, a whole argument sparked because the one ct said "Take a step out of sauna if you want to die." The one t then took a step out and the ct shot him in the head. Some thought it was perfectly fine, others (including myself) thought that he was not able to give this order and follow it through. Is it allowed, or would it not be in the same category as forcing a deathgame or giving a kos order?

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I would classify that as kos orders but I am not sure as the rules don’t describe this exact situation but in my opinion I think cts should not be allowed to give this order

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Me personally I would find it under "forcing a deathgame" or "giving KOS order" which isn't allowed. It's like the "Bed or Dead" order; they can't kill the player on the spot, they still have to give warning shots.

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I can see how this could be interpreted as a KOS order but I think in this specific situation I wouldn't know how to classify this. I mean what do you expect he was going to do, he literally said if you want to die take a step out of sauna. Normally this would be a warning shot at best but this rate situation is a bit of a gray area. The guy coulda just not left sauna and this thread wouldn't have been made. @Manny thoughts on this small guy?

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@Fuze Thank you for asking!!


To be honest man, I don't know myself. However, we can always check out the Jailbreak Rules & FAQ, found in our lovely Jailbreak sub-forum!!


Ah! I see something under "General Rules for Guards:" the following states...

• CTs aren't allowed to enforce or create their own KOS rules! This means CT's cannot bypass warning shots for situations that call for them, despite saying otherwise.


Alright ladies and gentlemen, if I am interpreting this correctly, the Guard in question is indeed creating is own "KOS rule" by saying that if a T steps out of sauna they will be killed. Which, in turn, makes the order against our rules and invalid!


Thank you for reading and have fun Jailbreaking! :usa2:

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