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Worst Appeals of the Century Nominations 2019 Edition

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Bruvs, it's been a while and it's time to bring back tradition! Originally created by the man, the myth, the legend himself @Psyche, back in 2013 I'll most likely make a poll categorizing these polls (unless someone else is interested in doing this for fun).


Here's how it works, you post what appeal you think is the worst (or most hilarious) and then out of all the ones posted I will pick the most popular ones and then separate them into categories;


Here are some example categories;


Most Angry, Biggest Trainwreck, Most Hilarious (this includes joke appeals), Most Depressing, Best Reversal (in those rare instances where everyone is about to unban and then something hilarious comes up).


If you can think of some more categories please PM me, but for posting appeals that are just fucking hilarious and/or terrible, just post a link (or a screenshot if it got deleted) here, after a couple days I will start separating them into categories, and make polls.


let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Make daddy Psyche proud and nominate away



Edit: I forgot to add that it doesn't necessarily have to be from this year. You can go back as far as you want.

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Here's one for most angry


I'm also gonna put Enderspine's appeal as biggest trainwreck as well (thanks @Darnias)


This is an appeal from an individual I (regrettably) used to be really good friends with long before I came to SG, and seeing him get absolutely destroyed by what TV and Pan posted now is seriously the funniest shit to me, for context on why a person with an August 2016 join date got his hands on a random July 2014 appeal lmao: most hilarious


Will probably edit in some more for each category as I go, trying to find some rn lmao

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