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Steam-Gamers Fantasy Football 2019

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Welcome to the 100th season of the NFL and the 4th of the Steam-Gamers Fantasy Football League.


This year we will be using a new platform to host our league called Sleeper. It's built as a fantasy football platform first. There's a web client and a phone app so you can use it anywhere. Also it doesn't require people to put their full names in for registration.


Here's the invite link:


There's only 12 slots right now (Can be increased if need be). Please try to sign up before the draft starts.


Shout out to @Ned for being the co-commissioner this year!


Rules and Draft


- PPR Rule Set (Points per Reception) See more here


- Draft time is set for Sunday August 25th @ 5:30pm EST




- End of Season Prize


1st Place $15 via PayPal


2nd Place $10 via PayPal


3rd Place $5 via PayPal


Sadly there won't be a mid season prizes this year, but there maybe some game prizes up for grabs throughout the season




Clamor - Noise Complaints

Ned - Drsaqadik

Eskomo - Legalize Gay Weed

Phoenix_ - Clown City

WavY - wavyfromtheleaf

delirium - im here for the free money

tides - tides

Labarr - Chargers

ThRza - Pls join MG

Tyymunk - Tyymunk

Davie - Daeee1

Atrix_ - Ez Win GG No Re



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I think I'll pass this year. I've been too busy to really focus on maintaining a team. The fairest thing is to let someone take my spot.


Thanks for a fun two seasons though! Enjoy the season everyone!


Last two season you drafted the entire patriots roster. See you next year!

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