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With the new karma system being released, we decided it'd be a good time to run an event. For the next month (September 1st-October 1st), the server will have some nice, new CSS models. Hopefully with a gmod style karma system, and some models from back in the day, you guys can "relive" the glory days of CSS and Gmod


To make it a little more exciting for you guys, there'll be a 2x multiplier for the entire duration of the event!


I'll add each model, with a screenshot, to the bottom of the thread. These models should be on the server by the end of the day.



September 1st - October 1st



Trouble in Terrorist Town -


Huge thanks to @nick for this awesome banner!




  • VIP Models: CT Urban and T Leet
  • Sub Models: CT Sas and T Arctic
  • Public Models: CT Gsg9 and T Phoenix

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