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  1. MAKE 3 @Greggy G @Trazz MAKE 3 TRIPWIRE WHY ONE?1!?
  2. old karma system kept track of karma from map to map new karma systems resets everyone's karma each map change @Kieran WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS??? BUMP.... @Trazz UPDATE???????
  3. @Hawks you still looking for players?
  4. I don't think anyone cares about credits all that much to grind for them. I'm pretty sure I could start up a small bank with the amount of credits I've accumulated with my time spent playing. What I want is that sweet sweet dopamine RUSH that I got when I saw my name on the top of the karma leaderboards, what I wanted was to get frustrated for losing karma and excited for gaining karma- I want that GRIND and that BLOODRUSH ENERGY that I got when I place an EXTREMELY TACTICAL TRIP WIRE causing the death of MANY INNOCENTS. That's what the old karma system meant to me. Sure, if you want to find a way to make it so the karma system properly works as its supposed to- then go for it. But what I'm looking for is to press TAB and see ME STOMPING SOME SHIT UP and TO GRIND AN UNHEALTHY ADDICTION TO THE GAME MODE- THAT'S WHAT GONNA BRING THE SERVER BACK TO LIFE.
  5. i want the old karma system, the new karma system completely ruined any incentive to grind on the server, and it lead to it being dead.
  6. I'm gonna get a new chair, as the current one I have is giving me problems. I was wondering if any of you guys could help me find a good gaming chair that's worth my while. My budget caps off at 300 bucks.
  7. i think the sg servers should rename the term "jihad" into "boomer", i think it'd be a great change for us to have and would have us stand apart from other servers
  8. Kicks


    admins get paid dividends in SG stock market and if they are doing something you don't like just make sure they know that at every single possible moment
  9. what are you doing here

  10. Real life is good bruh, got that cashflow rollin in. Focus on RL not this petty bs, get income n keep em grades up.

  11. Big homie good luck in the real world hope I can catch you once in a while