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monthly "inno delaying" TTT thread

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so dom basically told me he would support a thread like this so here we go.


inno delay = no good! i hate having my time wasted. so does everyone. here some viable options that some people brought up are as follows


#1- rule implemented banning delaying as an inno, or more specifically a rule that makes it to innos have to search for unided bodies or atleast run around the map.


#2 after a certain time all players are beaconed, probably at the 1 minute mark.


#3 make radar work on people who are standing still. After you first buy radar and the first ping reveals all players locations (assuming they aren't too far away from you) if a player is standing still the radar doesn't work on them. This would be a simple fix to stop inno delay (atleast most of the time)

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Just gonna make a brief post and probably leave it at that. I think I have enough time on TTT to make a somewhat educated post on this (like 10 days or something) but I also don't think my opinions are super valuable compared to others.


I just like the general idea of somehow speeding up rounds, as it seems like a lot of them drag out. I understand the argument of not wanting to punish Innocents by making a rule, as it's not their job to pursue Traitors. However, I do like the idea of some kind of system similar to putting a beacon on everyone once the round reaches a certain point. That way you wouldn't be singling out any specific group or punishing anyone and it would speed up the round. @delirium had a cool idea that I recall him bringing up a while back about using the Danger Zone ring, and I think that's a really cool concept honestly.

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option #3 please. the current radar sucks and if you adjusted it, I believe it would solve the issue(s) presented here. Most of the time a T sub-one minute who's managed to survive and kill most of the other players will have one credit and be able to buy a radar. I do all the time when I'm in this situation, but again it sucks and only lends a hand 50% of the time.

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As already been mention the whole innocent role is to not die to the traitors, if that means hiding out in a room and not making your presence known then thats what you got to do to get the job done. I like having the idea of speeding up rounds but I believe it shouldn't dramatically change how ttt is played, making it to where the radar shows players standing still is a better alternation to the game mode.

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I'm unsure of the possibility of this but an idea I thought of as I sit here in a dining hall is maybe we can do something like this:




There's 1:30 left in the round and there's 5 alive: three innocents, one detective, and one traitor. Nothing happens for 30 seconds because two of the innocents are hiding in a corner with each other and the detective and last innocent are running around the map looking for un-ids to get DNA off of. At this point, an active radar is turned on, revealing a white ring around players every 5 seconds, whether they are moving or still. With this, the traitor is able to find the two hiding innocents and kill them both without the detective knowing, but three seconds later the detective sees that two rings are missing and heads in that direction, leading him to find the bodies, getting DNA and killing the T.


This system would not only speed up rounds but if we were able to have a way of determining a player's location while immobile, this could lead to the radar also being fixed for the server. Ideally, this could be a two birds, one stone sort of thing.


To clarify:

- Active radar for all players enabled at 1:00 (subject to change) remaining in the round

- A white ring around all living players


The only issue I could see arising from this is potentially the active radar and DNA rings conflicting each other and causing one not to appear.



EDIT: Maybe only show the active radar to innocents and detectives to prevent traitors getting a free radar?

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Honestly, I think players just need to be more patient. We used to have 13 minute rounds on Garry's Mod TTT and those were brutal for waiting but we often found ways to have fun in dead chat to kill the time. Delaying was handled more seriously on there, but in my opinion 5 minutes is not that long of a round time and you can easily wait that out. I get that people like taking what TTT is supposed to be and converting it to more like a deathmatch with roles, but I believe that only ruins the game mode for those who enjoy it for its original ideals.


Punishing innocents in any capacity goes against the core idea behind the game mode, which is that traitors are the ones who have the objective of killing. While innocents/detectives are also supposed to kill traitors, the main priority for them is survival. This notion is backed by the fact that traitors lose the round if they do not manage to kill everyone but themselves before the round ends. I know this is kind of an odd example, but also this is backed by the items traitors can purchase in their menu. A jihad is certain death for the traitor that buys it, but it was put into the game with the idea to kill as many innocents as possible with it while only losing a minimal one life on their team.


At the end of the day, it is up to the managers of the server whether they want to go ahead with this change, but I do have to say it is disheartening the more and more the game is drawn away from its roots.

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I've played on multiple TTT server off and on along with SG and I still do to this day getting ideas or better ways to make the server more successful. I know how TTT works through youtube videos, playing on the server, or general info passed off to me for almost 5 years and not once has a radar, beacon, or now a Danger Zone ring to be implemented to punished innocents from winning a round due to hiding or TRYING TO SURVIVE.


This is just me answering the first post on the thread:

1. A Rule being implemented to ban people from our server because they're delaying as innocents will never see the light of day. Forcing people to ID bodies or run around the map isn't going to happen either. In fact, people do this well enough to where this isn't a problem at all. It's a rare occasion where an innocent will sit in a corner till the end of the round (mostly ends up with the traitors finding them).


2. Kindly reject this, like I said above, any radar or beacon will never ping after a certain time 1 min, 45 sec, 30 sec, nada chance. If it's 1v1, 10v1, any number of traitors vs I/D. If there's a radar/beacon activated, people will assume roles get confused get rdm.


3. Radar already works when people are standing still, Light's just being dumb because he has no idea how the game works(No hate man lol). Guess what if can't see the ping from the radar, wait again and see what pings (T's only). I know radar is in a buggy state atm, but we have plans to fix it in the future. Retro has a viable option to use and works at literally all ranges and is 100% better than what we use. Without getting his plugin, I can explain how it works in a tech request and make it better for the future.


Also will edit John's thread about frequently asked suggestions when this is all over.


Agreeing with Extreme on his post, TTT used to be 13 min rounds and when you got killed you had to wait. I get that delaying was pushed there because of the round time but it's a 5 min time limit.


TTT is a situation-tactical-roleplay gamemode. It will never come close to some deathmatch gamemode. Any form of Innocent delay bullshit just hurts the game even more. If you're seriously complaining about Inno delay because you're tired of waiting after being rdm'd or your skill level isn't to par as others, you think to take other routes then.

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Imo, the innocent's role in TTT is to survive the round with whatever means necessary. If it means delaying the round to stay alive, so be it. I don't see a problem with the rounds being prolonged; It gives you time to chat with other dead players (If deceased), or to chat and have some banter with the alive players while camping.

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Hey Light, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, our team isn't currently interested in implementing this. Most of our thoughts have already been portrayed in this thread, so feel free to take a look back at @Im Sad's or @eXtr3m3's posts for a better understanding.


Though this is rejected, there will be something coming soon that will help resolve this issue, just in a different way. Stay tuned!

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